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Mars Coral Reef


Enjoy browsing a range of videos, scientific research papers, books and press articles that feature our work.

Scientific research papers and books

Williams et al (2019)

Large-scale coral reef rehabilitation after blast fishing in Indonesia, Restoration Ecology 27: 447-456.

Saunders et al (2020)

Bright spots in coastal marine ecosystem restoration, Current Biology 30: R1500-R1510.

Seraphim et al (2020)

Interactions between coral restoration and fish assemblages: implications for reef management. Journal of Fish Biology 97: 633-655.

Vaughan (2021)

Active coral restoration: techniques for a changing planet. J Ross Publishing, ISBN 9781604271430

Press articles

University of Western Australia press release, 2021

New partnership shores up coral reef restoration

Wild Magazine, 2021

Reef regeneration on the Great Barrier Reef

BBC News, 2021

'Then and now: restoring coral reefs in Indonesia'

Daily Mail, 2021

'World's largest coral recovery brings Indonesia reef back to life'

Forbes, 2021

'The SHEBA Hope Reef brings hope to coral reefs everywhere - you can help too'

Sky News, 2021

'The Indonesian coral reef built on hope'

International Coral Reef Initiative, 2020

A summary of our restoration approach on the ICRI website

Nature Portfolio, 2020

'An interdisciplinary approach to coral reef restoration'

Australia Times, 2020

'Reef regeneration trial underway on the Great Barrier Reef'